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Production zone:
The grapes, harvested in the municipalities of Negrar, Marano di Valpolicella and San Pietro in Cariano, are carefully dried on trellises until mid-January. After pressing, the wine is refined for a period of time partly in large oak casks and partly in barriques, and after prolonged storage in the bottles it is ready to be enjoyed. The result of this process is that Amarone is a full-bodied, structured, complex, elegant wine. It is a wine with an original flavor that expresses a single "terroir". A wine that cannot be compared with others and that offers excellent results with aging.

Winter precipitations were abundant in the whole area, allowing vigorous sprouting in the beginning of the spring, as usually is the case. This prompted good germination, optimal blooming and a fair fruit setting. The summer months were characterized by mean temperatures. It was never too hot: the thermometer remained below 30 degrees. The veraison, which is the change of colour of the cluster, began about a week late. The delay extended and picking operations were postponed over a week.

The grapes: Corvina (70%), Rondinella (25%) and Rossignola/Negrara (5%) are harvested between the end of September and the beginning of October at their peak condition and perfect ripeness. They are immediately placed in wooden crates and set to dry in the cellar in special rooms called "fruit cellars" that are well ventilated and provided with spacious openings that ensure the airing of the environment. The grapes are generally left in the fruit cellars until February of the year after the harvest, until they have lost about half their weight. This natural dehydration concentrates the aromas of the grapes and gives it a higher concentration of sugars and polyphenols as well. After drying, the grapes are gently pressed and begin their alcoholic fermentation that continues for about 20/25 days in contact with the skins at a temperature of 18'-20' C. At the end of this period, is racked off for malolactic fermentation. When these processes have been completed, the wine is aged for 2-3 years in large casks of Slavonian oak, at first, and then in smaller casks (barriques) of Allier oak. After it has been bottled, the wine is refined for another 6 months before consumption.

Organoleptic description:
With an intense ruby color, and persistent aroma, hints of cherry, spices and a pleasant fragrance of bitter almonds make it particularly enjoyable. This Amarone has a vigorous body that is at the same time soft, warm, full and smooth.
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