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This wine was created for the purpose of developing an Italian Merlot of superior elegance and quality and if it is true that a great wine is the portrait of its “terroir”, then as an expression of the relationship between the vineyard, the environment, the land and human skill in interpreting and optimizing the combination, Seta is without a doubt a complete success.

Made from Merlot grapes (90%) and Cabernet Sauvignon (10%), from the finest production zone of the Friuli-Venezia-Giulia region, this wine is expressed at the highest level of quality thanks to specific agronomic decisions to limit the production of the vineyard and ensure the maximum ripening of the grapes.
After a fermentative maceration of about 15 days, the wine performs its malolactic fermentation and the following spring is transferred to age in barriques of French oak (Allier) with moderate toasting, (60% of the product in new barriques and 40% in second passage barriques) for a period of 15 months. It is then stored in the bottles for at least 6 months.

Organoleptic description
Wine with a dark ruby red color. The bouquet is intense with unmistakable notes of fruit with red berries (cranberries and wild plums), moss and pleasantly integrated hints of vanilla and spices. On the palate it is warm, smooth and well-balanced.

Pairing and serving
After uncorking and decanting it, this wine should be served with risottos and pasta dishes with meat sauce, as well as courses of grilled red.
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