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Warm lamb



- 360g lamb tenderloin, cut into pieces
- 40g green asparagus
- 160g baby fennel
- 40g baby carrot
- 80g baby beetroot
- 80g baby corn on the cob
- 60g red radish

- 100ml white vinegar
- 200ml corn oil
- 400ml water
- 4 cloves garlic
- 8g black pepper corn
- salt, to taste
- 80g chimichurri sauce
- 1 bag of mixed lettuce
- 1 handful of red chard
- 1 bag of rocket

1 Paint the pieces of lamb with the chimichurri sauce and grill until tender.
2 Blanch the vegetable separately in hot water with salt. Once tender, place in the fridge.
3 Be sure to add a squeeze of lemon while the beetroot is in the hot water and keep the beetroot in the pickled water until you need to use.
4 To create a dressing; boil water and add vinegar, corn oil , black pepper, garlic and salt, keeping it on the boil for ten mins. Cool in fridge.
5 Mix the lettuce together and put in a bowl. Add the vegetables and place the lamb on top. Season with the chimichurri sauce and the garlic dressing (to taste) and serve.
Tip: get your salad and vegetable ingredients ready beforehand. Grill the lamb and you’ll soon be good to go!
Warm lamb salad
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