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The denomination "classico" is given to the wine made from the grapes harvested in the municipalities of Negrar, Marano, Fumane, Sant'Arnbrogio and San Pietro in Cariano, the historic Valpolicella zone. This is a wine of prestige; the same grapes, suitably withered, are also used to produce Amarone and Recioto.

The winter season was mild with mean, above average temperatures. Therefore, the vegetative cycles of the plant took place beforehand. Early summer was characterised by a low rainfall further magnifying this boost, thus causing some suffering to the plants in the hilly area. Around the end of July-beginning of August the situation balanced itself out, as it started to rain again. The grape harvest however was earlier than average.

Grapes: Corvina Veronese 60%, Ronclinella 40%. In the five "Valpolicella classico" municipalities, the vintage starts in the last ten days of September, and in some years, continues through until mid October. After pressing, the grape juice is left to ferment with the skins for 8/12 days at a temperature of 25/28'C. Racking is then followed by malolactic fermentation. For the "superiore" wine, selected grapes from the best-located vineyards are used, and the wine is further matured in steel vats until the January of the second year after the vintage.

Organoleptic description:
Bright ruby red colour, intense yet delicate bouquet with noticeable tones of ripe cherry and berries also present in the taste, which is full, velvety, smooth and lingering.
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