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The Amarone produced with grapes from the "Vejo" vineyard is a wine made from perfectly healthy fruit and in years of exceptional quality. The sole vineyard is a plot of about 5 hectares, with vines that exceed 20 years of age, so that there is already a natural selection in favor of quality over quantity. Our experience has led us to select this vineyard for its particular soil and climatic features. It has an excellent east-west exposure with natural ventilation, provided by the cool breezes coming from the nearby Mount Baldo and a mild climate due to the beneficial influences of Lake Garda.

A very unusual year, with low average rainfall throughout. After a fairly cold winter, which however was favourable for the vines' incubation, the budding, blossoming and setting took place earlier than usual, aided by a spring with almost no rainfall.
The summer brought unprecedented conditions with very high temperatures and almost no rainfall. This ripened the grapes significantly earlier than usual, and generated very high sugar contents. The continuation of these conditions into September simplified picking of the grapes; it was possible to wait until the best possible moment.
Naturally, these conditions caused a significant reduction in the amount of grapes produced. Levels were close to those of 2002, although the quality was much higher.

This wine is made from a blend of grapes consisting of about 75% Corvina, 20% Rondinella and 5% Molinara. Only grapes from the "Vejo" vineyard are used to produce it. During the harvest the perfectly healthy, dry bunches are selected, and then placed in a single layer in low crates. The grapes are left to dry in special, well-aired sheds, the traditional drying sheds, where they are safe from mold. The drying process continues until the end of January and the grapes are frequently inspected during this time and any damaged grapes removed. The drying process eliminates about 30-40% of the weight of the grapes while the concentration of sugar, essential during fermentation to ensure a high alcohol content, increases (about 15%). Fermentation, which takes place between January and February, is made in contact with the skins for a period of 25-30 days. After racking off, the product is moved into steel vats for the malolactic fermentation. At this point the stage of ripening begins, with 3 years of refinement in large oak casks (Slavonic oak) and small casks, barriques and tonneaux (French oak). Prior to consumption, the wine is bottled and its aging is completed by 8 months storage in the bottles.

Organoleptic description:
Fully-flavored, warm, inviting, vigorous wine. It has a very intense ruby color, a bouquet of ripe fruit that is complex and persistent. A perfect composition of smooth tannins, with an alcoholic fullness and glycerin softness, enables it to exalt the perception of spices, ripe cherries, chocolate.
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